Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why do women's butts wiggle when they walk and men's don't?

Is it something girls practice, or is there a physical/biological reason for it?
Women usually walk using there hips, keeping their hips shoulders swinging in opposite of each other, i.e. right shoulder and left hip swing out together (accounting for the more pronounced butt wiggle). Men usually walk with their hips and shoulders swinging on the same side, i.e. right shoulder and right hip swing out at the same time (men do have a butt wiggle, just not as pronounced as a womans).
Then, again, you may just be attracted to that particular feature in a woman.
that's just the way that we walk my friend.
women have more fat in there butt/hip area then men. simple as that. We have it for reproductive purposes.
Men's butts DO wiggle.
we are built differently. men tend to have more muscle and less fat. plus women generally take shorter steps.
I believe it has to do with the fact that the pelvis is tilted away from the vertical more in women than in men.
Women generally have more pronounced hips than men. This causes the shaking action when women walk. Nevertheless, some women do over accentuate this action to get the men to look.
high heels. when women walk in high heels they walk with there hips and take smaller steps making there butts wiggle.
it's a little of both ... the physical reason is the pelvic difference in makes v. females, where male pelvis is straighter and narrower, and a woman has a wider , and more tilted set up for giving birth.. But some women do it just to get attention, Hey i've seen some men do it too but i'm guessing they are either gay or in heels


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