Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why does everything taste and smell bad?

For about a year now things have not tasted right and in the last couple of weeks it has gotten allot worse and now everything has a bad taste and smell. What might be causing this?
I had the same thing and the Dr. told me that I have Sinus issues. Sometimes when I get a bad cold it acts up again. Please see your doctor.
What the hell are you talking about? What seems to smell bad, maybe its your upper lip!
are you pregnant? when i was pregnant everything was horrible. stuff i loved to eat tasted gross, and to smell food cooking about made me vomit!
Becuase your taste is getting bad heheehhahhahaehah, no really try different food they you never really liked before and maybe it well taste good, hey I couldnt hurt.
tongue farts
Depends where you have been sticking your face lately.
You should really see a doc. It sounds like some neurological problems
Are you a smoker? If so smoking affects your taste buds and smell so this could be causing it.

Other than that no idea sorry.
I dont know If this Is what you mean or are even looking for, but check It out and see what you think. It's just about why foods can start to taste bad etc


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